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    Enterprise Spirit:Credibility Diligence Innovation Enterprising

     “Credibility” is to seek the truth from the facts, not to expand, not to shrink; is to have their promises kept, to live up to their words. Credibility is the foudantion of career; is the criterion of personhood; is the enterprise and people ID card. “Diligence” embodies diligent in srudyding and thinking, constant summary and communucation, diligent in making friends and getting to other aspects. “innocation and enterprising” is the source of enternal power for enterprise development.

     The enterprise spirit of “credibility and diligence, innovation and enterprise” is the lighthouse guiding our advancement for Jinchen Group team,s microcosm, is the stepping stone to a new lecel, is the guidenline or Jinchen,s sincerity in serving the society.


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